Looks like ———— :)

Looks like ———— :)

THIS! For you. :)

THIS! For you. :)

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Alone ain’t lonely. :)

Alone ain’t lonely. :)

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REPLY #1: 

Wow ha. Seenzoned. Feeling mo ikinagwapo mo to? Feeling mo cute ka jan? Feeling mo suplado is the new pogi? Di ka nagkakamali. Huhu. . :(

REPLY #2: 

"Uyyy. binasa mo na naman pero di ka nagreply. Tinititigan mo naman yung message ko sa’yo. Natulala ka na naman. Tumigil na naman yung mundo mo dahil saken? Ano baaa. <3"


"Hello test seenzoned. Hello test."


"Pinag-iisipan mo na naman kung anong irereply mo sa’ken? Okay lang yan. Take your time. Sulitin mo yung buhay single. Dahil kapag naging tayo, sa akin na lahat buong oras mo. Goodnight.<3”


"Ah ganon. Seenzoned. Panindigan mo yan okay. Wag mo na akong hahabulin pa or susuyuin o magmakaawang i-crush kita ulit. Tapos na tayo. I’m officially breaking up with you. Period. No erase. Tapon susi.”


"Tinitigan mo message ko, tinititigan ko din message mo. OMG! Para na rin tayong nagkatitigan. :)"


"Aww. Ngayon ko napatunayan na Love is not blind. It sees but it doesn’t mind."


You:  “Uhmm. Let’s talk dirty?”

Crush: ”Sure. Gustong gusto ko yan. :D”

You: “Tae. Basura. Utot. Kulangot. Nana ng Tagihawat. Putik. Inuuod na daga. Suka. Patay na ipis.”

REPLY #9: 

"That’s the thing about being seenzoned, it demands to be read and felt. From now on, “Seenzoned’ is our always. *Seenzoned? *Seenzoned."

REPLY #10:

"Seenzoned? Tapos bukas rereplyan mo ako ng "Uy. Sorry late reply." Tapos ako naman, eto, kikiligin pa rin tapos magkakadevelopan na tayo hanggang sa ibigay ko na yung virginity ko sa’yo. Tapos mabubuntis ako eh 1st year high school pa lang ako. How dare youuu."


Kung wala talaga eh di hayaan na lang. Wala itong kasiguraduhan na di ka na ulit masiseenzoned pero isipin mo na lang na kung hindi talaga siya interesado sa’yo, atleast nabigyan mo ng magandang hustisya yung pagkakaseenzoned sa’yo. Hindi yung tinanggap mo na lang sa sarili mo na,

"Shett. Na-seenzoned ako ni crush. Ibalik ang Death Penalty. huhu"

"Aww. Ngayon ko napatunayan na Love is not blind. It sees but it doesn’t mind."

To: My SLP Family :)

Hello Wonderful People!

It’s been 17 days since I have been away from the SLP Office – oh! 16 actually ‘cause I made it to the first day of your PDOs Skills Enhancement Training. I could only wish the training has imparted such great learning for all of you to do and be best in your respective jobs. It’s the least I could offer as I leave the Program. Career natin ‘to! Hihi!

I have been cut short in my so-called-speech last 01 July 2014 when Nong Nick let me took that stage for a wonderful serenade from him, Nong Ram and Tatay Bosoy (YEY! Hurray for the TALENTS!!!), and not to mention the balloons from 10 hunkable hunks of SLP, the empty box from Ma’am Fred (may unod na subong —- mga plastic na mga wala man unod —- to give room to more memories/opportunities/experiences, as your metaphor about the box says) and the bouquet of flowers from Nong Anthony.  I couldn’t fathom such bitter-sweet  feeling when you guys gave me messages —- to Ma’am Ann (expressed by Nong Nick), Sir Nanding and Ma’am Gera. I’m not really good in expressing my thoughts verbally; I’d rather write. So here goes my heartfelt THANK YOUs…


To Ma’am Ann and the RPMT: Thank you so much for the opportunity you have given me to serve the Office and its program participants. It has been a really one of a kind experience —- like Yolanda kind of thing? Mabaskog, nakakawindang, of course – nastress man ako. But it was SUPERB! I have learned a lot and I feel good each time I realize how I have contributed to the betterment of our program participants, and our staff as well. 


To the Aklan PDOs: As I have said, there must be something worth staying in Aklan. The last two turtles (my batchmates) are assigned there. Sir Joey, wala na ako utang ha? Na-ubos mo na timpla ang kape? Hehe! To all of you, SAEAMAT!


To the Antique PDOs and JSDF Staff: Hello, Ng Terry! “Now, I know.” Haha! Ma’am Gera, thanks for the message, though I was shocked when you said na nakulitan ka sa akon each time manukot ko report. Daw talagsa lang man kag? Hehe! Antique will always have a place in my heart not just because my roots came from there, but because I believe DSWD staff – JSDF and PDOs – have the potential to excel. See, your province has produced two RPMT Officers already. 


To the Capiz PDOs: Tatay Eli, I will always remember what you said to me last PDO Conference – I will choose what makes me happy, what will do good to me, what will help me grow. To Nong Ryan, sa imo gid ang dako-dako ko nga paSALAMAT kay gin-sabat mo si Sir Joel sang matam-is mo nga HUO! Hahaha! I know being a Training Officer is no biggy for you. You can do it for sure. Capiz PDOs, I guess you have the greatest power since you were given the biggest responsibility to uplift Yolanda-hit program participants. Carry on! 


To Iloilo and Guimaras PDOs: The ever-on call team – agad-agad kung maka-respond. If there is a Cluster of whom I have “immersed” during skills training, it is YOU. Maybe because you are the closest in the FO, but more than that, you were the most vocal to invite me during the conduct of your activities. Sir Darryl, ever on-the-go PC  and defender of Iloilo PDOs. Ikaw gid ang pinaka-una ko nga “partner” in a training I first ever handled, and I learned much from you. Straight to the point kung maka-comment, kis-a daw masakit na ulo ko cmu Sir kung may demand ko na documents or clarification kay balus mo sakon mas-demanding! Haha! But you always have a valid and reasonable point. Special mention ko lang: Ng Chin, Ng Audz and Ng Jen —- first ever hosting —- SUCCESS! I would really have a hard time if not for your help. Ng Cynthia, salamat gid ya sa pandesal kada kadto mo sa FO. Hahaha! But seriously, you’re one astig PC! Thanks for being with me during the Fisherfolk’s Consultation. To all of you, hat’s off. 


To Negros Occidental PDOs: If ever I’d become a field PDO, I will request to be assigned in your province – not for any reason BUT because of the TEAM. Unity? Teamwork? Initiative? —- It’s all in your game. I really commend Sir Nanding for handling such versatile personalities. You were able to let the best in each field PDOs come out – not in imposing pressure, but through your exemplary mentoring. You may not realize this, but I do. Two of the most significant (most na, significant pa) memories I have in SLP were spent with Negros Team: (1) PDOs Skills Enhancement in Campuestohan, and (2) Yolanda. The former, I had no backup for its conduct, but you helped me most even if you were the participants yourselves. The latter was really traumatic to me. I could’ve gone insane being anxious, thinking of what I have left at home —- my Mom, alone in our house with a Super Typhoon going on. My mind played a whole lot of tricks on me; I could have back flipped while we were on our relief operations. But I did not. Why? Because you were there. Superduper THANKS. Most newbies are in Negros. Much to learn, but you have a great team to back you up. 


To my IDD Family: My shock absorber? Haha! Of course, I am truly grateful to the assistance, mentoring and FRIENDSHIP. I would be really lost kung wala kamo. Chos. Anywayz, this Division has brilliant minds. I couldn’t say more. *huo na, wala pa ko ka-babye cnyo. Sunod ah


To my TAMBAY friends: Tama niyo na na nga inom? Everyday may birthday??? Everyday may pasakit? Everyday stress? (Ang ikatlo gid ay? Haha!) Indi na ko mamangkot ngaa subong lang ta nag-close gid ah. Ngaa man? Sala gid sang birthday ni Ng Shiela? Tsk! Wala man ko hambalon gid cnyo ah. Tak-an dan si Tweetie drama. Basi may mahibi naman karun. Sala b deal ni Nong Ram muh, mski ginpangabudlayan niya ang ibutang complete name ko sa kanta. Hahaha! T guys, keep in touch ah. Gabulubakasyon lang ko. HAHAHA! MADAMO GID NGA SALAMAT! You do the dirty work, I know. I deeply appreciate it. 


Last but not the least —- TURTLES! Grabe! Super busy na sa mga bookings —- mall shows, movies, concerts, soaps. Hayz! See you all sa mga next ta na contract signing ah. Star Magic nman ta sign. Goodie luck sa mga respective careers ta mga GWAPA! 


I SALUTE each and every one of you. Kudos, DSWD-SLP!

All my love and gratitude,


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